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Who understands your day better than someone who has been in your position? AUMPartners consultants have held investment leadership roles, and bring you a unique blend of experience, consulting expertise and in-depth industry perspective.

Fran Skinner

Partner, Co-Founder

Fran is passionate about supporting her clients with crafting high performing teams by finding each person's “A”-Game:

“My own career has been a winding road with a lot of turns. I've found with supportive advocates willing to give me candid feedback, development and opportunities throughout my journey, I've been able to make career choices that have brought me into my own “A”-Game as a talent / leadership consultant and corporate board member. I love helping other professionals, teams and firms discover their own “A”- Game, and find ways to slot everyone into that zone. When we're successful, I've seen many people elevate their performance and willingly give that 'discretionary effort' because their work aligns with their unique strengths and they feel someone cares about their success and satisfaction at work.”

Originally an auditor with Mellon Bank, then an accountant with Allstate Investments, Fran then moved into a Finance role with Allstate that opened the door to her finding her own “A”-Game. Combining her love of Finance and innovation, Fran was frequently called upon to problem solve, start new initiatives, and support investment professionals and senior leaders. As a Director, enjoying a successful 16-year career at Allstate, Fran then determined she wanted to expand her support of investment leaders as a dedicated talent and leadership consultant. Beginning in 2003 as an independent consultant with Focus Consulting, then co-founding AUM Partners in 2009, Fran has helped hundreds of investment industry professionals identify their “A”-Game and develop strategies to improve performance in all aspects of their work.

Fran has served as an independent corporate director for Fenimore Asset Management since 2019 and Peoples Bank (ticker: PEBO) since 2021. Fran has served as a board member for non-profit Women Investment Professionals since 2020 and has been a contributor to Barron’s since 2016.

“In my consulting work, I'm able to uniquely connect with other financial professionals and senior leaders because I draw from my own practical experiences, including my years serving as an independent corporate director and C-Suite executive at Diamond Hill Capital Management, a publicly-traded asset manager. Even practicing my favorite hobby – live tournament poker – has helped me support my clients. As one of my clients once said, 'you speak our language, you've sat in a lot of our chairs'”

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