Are you creating alpha in your talent pool?
Maximize your greatest assets: Overview

Your investment in training, coaching and leadership development, when supported by commitment and implementation combined with accountability, can produce high-impact improvements to performance.

Align and strengthen culture

Your team is most effective when everyone is rowing in the same direction. We can help align your investment, distribution and operations teams to reduce the “noise” that often exists between – and within -- these groups.

Over the past decade, we have helped more than 50 investment organizations measure, analyze and manage their cultures, which helped them make faster, more effective decisions, attract and retain talent and improve performance.

Improve communications

Clear communications are the backbone of successful long-term client and internal relationships. Important during good times, and absolutely critical during crises, clear communication is a hallmark of great leaders. We can help your team members master the communication skills they need to be successful as managers, investors and client servicers.

Over the past 25 years, we have trained portfolio managers, analysts, new business professionals, wealth managers and client servicers in investment firms of all sizes to streamline communications to make deeper connections with clients and co-workers.

Increase management effectiveness

Your best individual players are not necessarily your best managers. Yet promotions in the investment business are often based on individual performance. Do your managers need a tune-up in their skills?

Our one-day intensive for managers provides the critical skills all investment leaders need to motivate and engage their teams. Clients value the condensed format which provides the equivalent of a three-day program in one fast-paced, highly productive day.

Hire the right people for the
right jobs

Have you ever made a hiring decision you later regretted? The most likely problem was poor fit – either with the position or the culture. Most firms simply aren’t equipped to assess candidates thoroughly for all three types of fit: eligibility (is the candidate trained to do the job?), suitability (is the candidate motivated to do the job?) and cultural (will the candidate fit in with the culture?).

Using state-of-the-art assessments, combined with an in-depth understanding of each client’s culture and customized interview training, we significantly increase the reliability of the hiring process so firms can hire the most qualified candidates.

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