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Barron’s – AUM Partners’ Fran Skinner has been a regular contributor to Barron’s since 2016. She writes practical articles on topics about leadership and high performing teams frequently including specific, actionable steps readers can take to elevate performance. Explore some of her most popular articles:

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Presentations and Interviews

AUM Partners’ Fran Skinner is a highly-rated industry speaker, frequently asked to present at popular industry and corporate events. Here she shares some practical insights as a prelude to her 2017 CFA Institute Annual Conference appearance.

Inside America’s Boardroom – popular Wall Street host TK Kerstetter interviews Fran Skinner on the topic of The Biggest Risks Facing Today’s Compensation Committees.

“Take 15” from CFA Institute with Lauren Foster – Why the “A-Game” is key to High Performing Investment Teams.