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AUM Partners Gives Back

AUM Partners is committed to sharing our time, talents and resources with others. Read below to learn more about non-profits that support health, education and our military veterans with whom we are honored to work with and support.

Brain Performance Institute
Fran Skinner with Eric Bennett

The goal at the Brain Performance Institute is to maximize and extend brain performance at all ages — in health, brain injury and brain disease. Their innovative brain-training programs show conclusively that almost anyone can improve brain performance, reverse mental decline and regain cognitive losses. The Brain Performance Institute is bringing life-changing, scientifically proven programs, rooted in expert cognitive neuroscience, to our military veterans, at-risk youth, and healthy adults who want to maximize their brain’s potential.

AUM Partners is honored to work with the dedicated members of the Brain Performance Institute through coaching, facilitation of off-sites, and training to support them as they build and expand their team.

To learn more, please visit the Brain Performance Institute website at: About the Brain Performance Institute

Fran with Ron Santo

Baseball Hall-of-Famer and local Chicago broadcasting legend, Ron Santo, was passionate about supporting efforts to find a cure for Diabetes. Since his death in 2010, his legacy continues – 2014 marked the 36th annual Ron Santo Walk to Cure Diabetes.

AUM Partners is honored to support Ron’s vision to find a cure with contributions to JDRF and participating in the annual Ron Santo Walk for a Cure. To learn more, please visit the JDRF website at: Learn more about JDRF

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